About Us

The County of Lethbridge Rural Water Association was incorporated in 2000 as a Not for Profit Organization in order to provide rural residents with potable water purchased from the City of Lethbridge. This became possible when a new pipeline from Lethbridge to McCain Foods was installed in the winter of 2000. This pipeline is jointly owned by Lethbridge County and the Town of Coaldale.

The capacity was designed for McCain Foods and the Town of Coaldale with the excess capacity available to county residents. This capacity was sold as Water Units. Units are designed to take maximum advantage from the pipeline installed by controlling the flow at the steady rate of 2 litres per minute.

In the spring of 2001 construction started and 119 water units were installed. During the winter and spring of 2002, we installed another 98 units. Due to the increased demand for water units, the Association purchased additional licencing to allow greater capacity.

The Association’s philosophy and goal was to get water to as many county residents as possible at a reasonable cost.

In September 2002, the Association was able to secure funding through Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). With this funding and additional Association monies, the County of Lethbridge Rural Water Association was able to expand the existing pipeline. Unit costs were slated at $8,500.00 per water unit.

In August 2009, unit costs were adjusted to $12,500.00 per water unit. The increase reflected the purchase of additional licencing and increased construction.

In 2013, the County of Lethbridge Rural Water Association purchased another water licence which brought the capacity to 1,100 water units. As of July 2015, the association is encroaching on the 1,100 water units and will be taking the necessary steps to increase capacity as demand warrants.

As of July 2015, the Association enjoys approximately 550 active members and services over 800 water units.

Effective October 1, 2017 the cost for a unit of water was increased to $15,000.00.